Yerevan Tavern

We are pleased to welcome you to the beautiful halls of the Yerevan Tavern restaurant, where you will find yourself in an unbeatable setting, offering an excellent combination of price, quality and service. The menu of the restaurant includes a number of dishes, some of which have been preserved for centuries as favorites of Armenians and are still on the list of the most popular dishes. When preparing our menu, we were guided by a simple principle - to offer a purely Armenian cuisine, which will feature forgotten or almost forgotten dishes. We also included the best examples of Caucasian cuisine, which is suitable for the taste of our customers, but also unique and somewhat different.

Our success is due to the highest quality and variety of our dishes. We do our best to regularly revise the menu of the restaurant, we use only the freshest products to prepare our dishes that represent the essence of the culinary arts, and last but not least - we guarantee that our waiters and staff are generally well trained, well -supported and can provide good service. The interior design of the tavern differs with its harmony, the comfort that it offers, and its inimitable decor, and, thus, can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Here you will feel at home and in a relaxed atmosphere, and in it you can enjoy an unrivaled assortment of Armenian dishes, as well as enjoy the subtle melody of national music.

Visit the Tavern Yerevan, where you can conduct business meetings, hold celebrations and events and unforgettable family gatherings.

The taste of Yerevan!


Sherep Restaurant

By opening its doors on November 10, 2017 on Amiryan street 1, "Sherep" is the first restaurant in Armenia with open and large cuisine, thanks to which the visitor can follow the whole process of creating the taste, color and smell of each dish.

Here you can start your day with a pleasant mood and a delicious breakfast every day from 09:30 AM. We are happy to greet you.


Tsirani Home Restaurant

Tsirani Home

Tsirani Home-Restaurant offers Caucasian cuisine enriched with Armenian elements. Hot dishes are mostly served in handicraft clay pots to preserve the warmth and taste of the meals. Home-style cooking, delicious grilled meat, and mainly organic food made Tsirani a popular place among both tourists and locals. Besides loved dishes such as Armenian barbecue, kebab, khash, and harisa Tsirani is proud to serve its lamb on the spit cooked right in the garden. Ghavurma, Spas, and Dolma are the most frequently ordered national specialties. But if you are looking for something very Armenian and specific, then our delicious salad with dried apricot is for you. And this all may be accompanied by homemade vodka or Armenian wine. And when it comes to dessert you must try the assortment of Armenian sweets "Gata" and "Pakhlava".