For a traditional Armenian banquet in the company of friends, Ureni Restaurant is the place to be. Huge helpings are served and placed in the middle of the table to be shared. As a tourist, if your Armenian hosts or friends invite you here, make sure to try some of the local Karabakh dishes such as tanov apur (an unusual soup made from yoghurt and sour cream), plus the mandatory large plates of grilled meat to be shared with vegetables on the side.

This is the best option in Stepanakert, with friendly staff and a charming garden setting.

Ureni Restaurant
Ureni Ureni


Florence Garden

Let us introduce you to the most extraordinary restaurant in the world called Florence Garden. Paradoxical, impressive, bright and compromising to all cultures, the restaurant is situated in a land with an uncompromising nature and the most amiable Armenian hospitality. It is located in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. Here you can find whatever you like or something new you will like.

Side Walk Cafe

Feel the breath of morning Stepanakert over a cup of Armenian coffee with your friends in Side Walk Café situated in the intersection of the central streets of the city.

Indoor Cafe

Built in the mixed Mediterranian style with elements of Cuban architecture and Armenian interior the restaurant offers you an extensive menu to suit all tastes. You can have the unique dishes of Armenian, European and exclusive Armenian-European cuisine in the internal court yard of the restaurant or in its comfortable halls

Florence Garden


Enjoy the local homemade wine or the best Scottish whisky in Lounge sector. The choice is wide and if you like to eat and drink well, then our restaurant is for you.

Sky Bar

We advise you to plunge into the atmosphere of the East with a good company at our SKY Bar where you can endlessly peer into the clear starry sky and enjoy fragrant east tea and hookah.

Music Hall

Feel the kind and musical aura of Stepanakert. Be alone with yourself and with others at the same time. Have a rest under the notes of world hits and author songs. Listen to jazz, chanson, rock, ethnic rock, Armenian songs in Music Hall.

Florence Garden
Florence Garden Florence Garden
Florence Garden Florence Garden



Restaurant “Viaggio” is the only Italian restaurant in the capital, where you can taste pizza, pasta, steaks, fish fillets and other tasty dishes.

Viaggio Restaurant

Viaggio Viaggio