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Welcome to Armenia

Hiking in Armenia without backpacks and tents. Active rest, mountains and excursions.
Tour in Armenia for 9 days. Climbing the highest mountain, trekking through the most beautiful nature reserve, swimming in the hot geyser and the cold Lake Sevan, visiting ancient fortresses and monasteries, hiking and excursions to the most interesting and mysterious places in Armenia.
 Hiking in Armenia is an active holiday without backpacks and tents. All overnights are in the hostel in the center of Yerevan. All transitions are light and do not require any special training and mountaineering skills.



Arrival. Excursion around Ejmiatzin (walk, 25km by car or by minibus )

-Meet at the airport.
-Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Yerevan.
-Trip to  Mother Cathedral Ejmiatzin. 
-St.Hripsime Church(618 AD).
- Walk around Night Yerevan.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Lake Sevan and hiking to the Dilijan reserve (7km hiking, 220km by car or  by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-We leave for Lake Sevan - one of the largest mountain lakes in the world.
-Visit to  the Sevanavanq Monastery standing on a peninsula (9th century). 
- Trekking through the Dilijan Reserve  which is famous not only for nature but also for ancient temples on its territory.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Smbataberd-Noravank-Areni village (8km hiking, climbing - 400m, 280km by car or by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-On this day, we are to visit Smbataberd one of the largest fortresses in Armenia.
-Visit to  the Noravanq Monastery(13th-14th centuries).
-Tour to Areni village-wine tasting in Areni winery.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Therapeutic mineral baths after the hiking (10km hiking, 90km by car or by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
- Hiking along the beautiful mountain paths which distancing from the settlements will lead us to the ancient temple (7-14th c.). After a busy hiking, time to take mineral warm baths, which have medicinal properties.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Ascent to the town of Hatis (2529m) (12km hiking, climbing - 1020m, 40km by car or  by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-Hiking in the mountains, climbing  Mount Hatis from the top of which the Assyrian queen Semiramis once ruled her huge army. From the top of Hatis, everything is really like in the palm of your hand and today it is one of the favorite places of Armenian climbers and mountain tourists.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Free day for own leisure

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Garni, Geghard, Symphony of Stones, Khosrov Reserve (7 km hiking, 70 km by car or by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-Visit to Geghard. The monastery of Geghard is called the eighth wonder of the world.
Geghard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
 -Visit to Garni temple-the only pagan temple in Armenia from the 1st century AD.
-Going down into the gorge and looking at the famous basalt columns of the Symphony of Stones.
- Camping in the Khosrov Reserve.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan



Ascent to the highest mountain in Armenia (12 km hiking, elevation difference - 670 m, 150 km by car or by minibus)

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-The mountains of Armenia are all beautiful and each one is unique in its own way, but everyone wants to climb the highest mountain, the four-headed Aragatz.(The southern peak (3879m))
-We will reach the mountain Kari Lake (3207m), from where we will begin our ascent. Note that climbing does not require special training, either physical or technical. The difference in heights is 670 m. The view of the multi-colored crater and fantastic mountain landscapes are simply unforgettable.
- Visiting the monument to the Armenian alphabet.
Meals: Lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
#On May holidays, in October and in November, it is most likely that the ascent to Aragats will be replaced by a hike along the slopes of Mount Aragats to the Amberd fortress due to the large amount of snow in the upper reaches of the mountain. The ascent can be shifted on schedule or even replaced in the summer, in case of severe weather on the day of ascent.#



Farewell to the mountains. Transfer to the Airport

-Breakfast at the hotel.
-Departure from the hotel at 10:00.
-Rest in Armenia is coming  to an end. Depending on the time of departure of your flight, you will have a little more time to walk around the city on your own, to buy souvenirs at the opening day or Armenian sweets on the market.
-Transfer to the airport.


List of necessary equipment

. a cap  (very convenient and buff)
.windbreaker, raincoat (preferably Gore-Tex membrane)
.several t-shirts per shift
.sweater (better two thin than one thick)
.hiking pants 2 pairs
.shorts, fins
.socks (several pairs)
.Thermal underwear and warm socks for sleeping
.trekking mountain boots (raznoshennye !!!)
.removable shoes (sneakers, trekking sandals)
.rubber sneakers
.one-day backpack
.walking poles: by prior arrangement you can rent - $ 15 per tour pair
.waterproof cape for a backpack
.flashlight (spare batteries)
.personal first-aid kit (individual medicine)
.means of personal hygiene
Do not forget also
.camera with a large memory card
.chargers for phone
.stick for Selfie! 
Requirements for participants
Our walking tour around Armenia is designed for people in medium physical form. Transitions with large and heavy backpacks are not provided. No overnight stays in tents. This active tour is suitable for beginners.
Weather in Armenia.
The average daily air temperature usually ranges between 20-35°C. There are rains and sharp temperature changes in the mountainous area.
Seasonal benefits
- Hiking in Armenia in May
A tour of Armenia for the May holidays is especially pleasing to the weather. At a time when in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities in Russia is still quite cold and overcast in Armenia already full spring and even a little summer. Although it's already warm enough, it's not hot yet. The mountains are green, the nature blooms and smells, the rivers are full of water. Some peaks are still in the snow which looks nice in combination with green fields against the blue sky.
-  Hiking in Armenia in summer
Rest in Armenia in summer is good because the probability of rain is much lower. Only in the summer it is possible to climb the Aragatz in the framework of this tour. Depending on the specific dates in the summer, you definitely fall for the season of fruit. In different months different fruits are always a lot and they are very tasty. In summer, the days are longer, which means more time for taking pictures and generally walking in the light.
-  Hiking in Armenia in autumn
The tour in Armenia in the autumn is especially interesting because it is likely to be in the golden autumn. Another very big plus is that in the autumn there are much fewer tourists and even in the most popular places one can quietly chat with antiquity and nature, and make beautiful photos.




     2-9pp.     10-20pp.
Double room
1465 86.000 1205 1255 73.750 1035
Double room
1229 72.200 1015 1020 59.900 840

Price includes:

  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast;
  • Excursions, that are part of the program;
  • Professional guide;
  • Entrance fees to all sightseeing destinations;
  • Lunch;
  • Transportation in air-conditioned bus or car.

Price excludes:

  • Air ticket;
  • Entrance visa;
  • Optional cancellation insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Dinners;
  • Single room surcharge;
  • Tips for bus driver and guide;
  • Personal expenses.
$495 - Hostel without food