Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre

Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre is a large equestrian complex and horse racing hippodrome in Yerevan, Armenia, opened in 2001. The centre occupies an area of 85 hectares at the southern Shengavit District of the capital city.

The centre consists of an 1800 meters-long horse racing hippodrome, one outdoor and one indoor equestrian international competitions arenas. The centre is also home to the Jockey restaurant.

The centre is the regular venue for many domestic and regional competitions. Currently, it is the only equestrian centre in Armenia as indoor arena.

Hipodrome center
Hipodrome centerHipodrome center
Hipodrome centerHipodrome center


Children’s city of professions “CityZen”

The children’s city of professions “Cityzen” is a model of a real city. The “Cityzen” is based on two important ideas for children’s development: education and amusement. The center is provided for children aged 4-14 who will be able to  get to know about more than 60 professions in the environment of games as well as to gain new knowledge and skills.

“Cityzen” has its square, streets and establishments such as the police, rescue service and chocolate plant. “Cityzen” children make their own decisions on what establishment to visit, what profession to choose and how to earn money or spend the money they earned.

It should be noted that this initiative provided for children was implemented in different cities and Yerevan joined their number becoming the only one in the region.

Cityzen Cityzen


Northern Avenue

Northern Avenue , is a pedestrian avenue in Yerevan, Armenia, opened in 2007. It is in the central Kentron district and links Abovyan Street with Freedom Square on Tumanyan street. It is 450 metres (1,480 ft) long and 27 metres (89 ft) wide.

Located in downtown Yerevan, the avenue is mainly home to luxurious residential buildings, high-end branded shops, commercial offices, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Based on its revised design, the Northern Avenue is home to 4 small squares and 11 buildings with an average height of 9 floors. Many types of stone were used in the construction including basalt, granite, travertine and tufa. The avenue has a 2-storeyed underground parking area.

Northern Avenue
Northern Avenue Northern Avenue
Northern AvenueNorthern Avenue